Getting Rid of Reappearing SpotsWe all know how annoying it can be to find a spot in your carpet that just won’t disappear, no matter how much you clean them. These can be extremely frustrating, but if you know the right way to eliminate them, they you can keep them away for good!

The main reason why this problem happens is what’s known as “wicking”. This occurs if a significant amount of liquid is spilled in one area. It penetrates so deep that it goes right through the carpet itself, and soaks into the padding. Gradually, this liquid them makes its way back up to the very top of the fibers- and the spot or stain magically reappears again. If you get your carpets professionally cleaned, though, then the source of the problem can be eliminated, and this won’t happen again.

The other big cause for those reappearing spots are “residue spots”. Sometimes when you clean up a spill, a small amount of residue is left behind. This could be from the spot itself, or from the cleaning products you used.  Therefore it is always best to hire a good quality carpet cleaning company as opposed to a cheap carpet cleaning service to get rid of this stubborn residue buildup. While you can’t see the residue, it acts like a magnet for dust and dirt- and it holds on to them tight, so you can’t just vacuum them up. Spot cleaning should do the trick, but it can take quite a bit of effort to remove the residue spots completely.

The majority of these reappearing spots can be wiped out by expert carpet cleaners, but in a few rare cases, they may be permanent. In these cases, the carpet cleaner will let you know that there’s nothing to be done.

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