Tips And Tricks For The Best Residential Carpet CleaningLet’s face it- there’s nothing quite like a good carpet. Not only do they brighten up the appearance of your home, but they also stop you from slipping on the floor like you would with polished hardwood or marble. They are also the ideal choice for homes with small children, since the kids are less likely to hurt themselves if they fall over onto a soft carpet.

However, while carpets bring plenty of advantages with them, they also need a little TLC to stay looking their best. One of the most important things that any carpet owner should do is have their carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Carpets can easily pick up and retain large amounts of dust, and can turn into hard to remove spots and stains. They can also become breeding grounds for all sorts of germs. Even if your carpet looks clean, it might not be, and only a pro cleaner will be able to keep it fully germ free.

Finding a residential carpet cleaner is easier said than done, though, simply because there are so many options out there. Whether you look online or flick through the phone book, you’ll be faced with dozens of different companies- so how do you choose the right one? A good way to narrow down your options somewhat is to take a look at the cleaning methods each company uses. Since every type of carpet requires a certain cleaning method, this approach will help you to find a cleaning company that really suits your needs. If you own a particularly delicate carpet, for instance, then a careful, loving approach is needed to prevent any damage to the fabric.

Essentially, there are two different approaches to residential carpet cleaning that most companies use. The first, and most common, is chemical carpet cleaning. This achieves good results, and is cheaper, but it can cause damage to more delicate carpets. The use of these harsh chemicals can also have an impact on the texture of even tough carpets- and they can also pose a health risk to humans, too. If you have small children at home, then it’s best to stay away from chemical carpet cleaning, so that their health isn’t affected.

On the other hand, organic or steam carpet cleaning is a much healthier approach, and in some cases it can be more effective than chemical cleaning. While it costs a little more than chemical cleaning, it will keep your carpets looking great for longer, so think of it as more of an investment. It also doesn’t pose any health risk to your family, either, so you should definitely consider this approach when looking at residential carpet cleaners.

Having your carpet cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaning company is certain to increase its lifespan. If you never get your carpet cleaned, then you can expect to see some visible damage within a few years of buying it. On the other hand, regular cleaning can double the lifespan of your carpet, so it really does pay off in the long run!

One final point to mention- make sure you check the license of your chosen residential carpet cleaning company. A license is needed to ensure that companies only use approved chemicals, so if they don’t have one, that’s a sign you should stay away and take your custom elsewhere.

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